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Top Myths About Diabetes

Millions of people are at risk and diagnosed each year with diabetes, but there are still many myths surrounding this chronic disease. Today, we are clarifying the top myths about diabetes and dispelling common misconceptions once and for all. For more questions about diabetes and seeing a diabetes specialist in Bakersfield, contact Advanced Health Care …

What is Valley Fever?

Valley fever is a fungal infection that penetrates into your body through the lungs. It can cause symptoms of a cold or the flu such as a fever, chest pain, and coughing. For the top family physician in Bakersfield, utilize the experts at Advanced Health Care, Bakersfield. While most people get better without treatment, valley …

Preparing for a Vasectomy

Anyone who intends to have a vasectomy will need to have a pre-visit consultation to go about properly preparing for a vasectomy. This consultation is usually brief and straightforward. You will most likely need to sign a consent form at the end. This consultation provides an opportunity for the patient to ask any questions of …

Third Thursday


Thank you to the Bakersfield Downtown Business Association for the monthly street fair in Central Park along Mill Creek in Bakersfield, CA. The Third Thursday festivities are 5:30-8:30 p.m. on July 19 and August 16. Bella Health and Beauty products will be on display where you can view and sample products from our cosmetics beauty …


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